Sports Star

Sponsor Name: Friends of Winnetka Community House
Artist Name: Sally Schoch
Sculpture Number: 56
Sculpture Name: Sports Star

About the Artist:

For Sally, painting should be something likable, joyous and pretty. She paraphrases Renoir that a painting is an expression of the artist’s soul and she fully agrees with the artist’s philosophy. Her soul is filled with optimism and hope.

As a student in the fifties at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, it was hard not to be influenced by the controversial abstract movement that had enveloped the art scene. Chicago was developing as a major art mecca with figures such as Clase Oldenbrug, Ed Paschke and LeRoy Neiman. To Sally abstract art is the marriage of imagination, spontaneity and color.

Sally’s latest collection of abstract impressionistic florals reflects her love of color – bold and vibrant. Many years of gardening supplies a wide range of natural subject matter. It is exciting to forgo the rules of tradition in creating a scene of still life in blocks of color not always true to reality.

With every canvas she is still learning something about color, light, dimension and composition. She likes to express herself with her hands rather than words. The most necessary and wonderful things in life are created though spontaneity, serendipity and with a sense of hope.

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