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Don Van Arsdale Leaves Winnetka Community House for New Role


Tim McCabe Named Interim Executive Director to Continue Growth at WCH

Don Van Arsdale at the 2009 Winnetka Antiques Show with Show Chair Luvie Myers and Barb Aquilino

Don Van Arsdale at the 2009 Winnetka Antiques Show with Show Chair Luvie Myers and Barb Aquilino

After 19 years as the Executive Director, Don Van Arsdale is leaving the Winnetka Community House later this month to take a position as Director of the Glencoe Park District.

Van Arsdale has seen the Community House grow by leaps and bounds in his years there. “As I leave the Winnetka Community House, I’m so proud of the condition of the facility,” he said. “We’ve added 40,000 square feet, renovated the entire structure accommodating more users’ needs, and, given we receive no tax-support, this great community did it all with private funds.”

Van Arsdale added, “With this new facility we’ve been able to greatly increase our program offerings, event rentals and fitness center activities. Our plan said ‘build it and they will come’ and they did. We’ve seen record attendance since opening the new wing in 2004.”

He also noted that he couldn’t have ensured this growth without the support of the Woman’s Board, the Board of Governors, and, most importantly, his staff, many of whom have been with the Winnetka Community House for a decade or more.

To that end, Tim McCabe, Assistant Director for 12 years, has been asked by the Board of Governors to serve as Interim Executive Director.

Dewey Crawford, Chairman of the Board of Governors remarked that “…we are incredibly fortunate that Don years ago identified a very talented and capable individual named Tim McCabe to be Assistant Director. The Board, and the community, is lucky to have someone of Tim’s caliber ready to step up and ensure a seamless transition. ”

Crawford added, “One of Don’s great legacies will be the experienced, dedicated and professional staff, top to bottom, that he leaves behind.”

Tim McCabe, new acting Director, has led the operations and finance side since he came aboard and has had line responsibility for most of the House to date. “Don’s leadership, counsel, and foresight have been invaluable. He’s leaving the Community House in great shape, and I look forward to continuing to guide this vital center in Winnetka,” said McCabe.

As Tim McCabe steps in, the Community House looks forward to the future

“Don has really been the face of the Winnetka Community House, but Tim has been the backbone for over a decade now.” said Rob Albertson, Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors. “We’re all looking forward to an exciting time, bringing new programs in, branding, new theater chairs, and a big group of great new Board members this Fall. Oh, and working out here at the Fitness Center more often – June resolution.”

Looking back over his tenure, Van Arsdale also praised the rise in the size and stellar reputation of the Winnetka Antiques Show and Modernism Show, run by the Woman’s Board.

Dale Krone, Woman’s Board President said, “Don has been a major support to 40 of our shows, Antiques and Modernism combined. Together with Don and his staff, we’ve built these shows to great success and nationally recognized status.”

Van Arsdale thanked all the people who have made possible his success and such a strong Community House over nearly two decades:

“Like all institutions leadership starts at the top and I have been blessed with dozens of wonderful community leaders on the Woman’s Board and the Board of Governors who guided and taught me all about Winnetka and the Winnetka Community House..”

He added, “It has been a true honor and privilege to serve as the Executive Director of this amazing community treasure.”

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  1. Sheila Wheeler says:


    Congratulations on your new adventure. WCH will surely miss you, but it will be in most capable hands with Tim at the helm. I’m pleased that as both a volunteer and a staff member, I was a part of your tenure.


    Sheila Wheeler

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