Ceramics Studio

Our ceramics studio offers a variety of day and evening classes for all ages! Studio Features include
•Skutt Kilns •Shimpo Pottery Wheels •Northstar Slab Roller •Extruder and Dies •Low and High Fire Clay and Glazes


Open Studio Time

The Ceramic Studio is available for use by adult participants currently enrolled in pottery classes. Students may come as often as they like during Open Studios hours. The Studio will be unsupervised during these times. Please call 847-446-0537 to check availability or if you have any questions.


  • Next Program Starts: 06/07/17
  • Instructor: Thoem, Jenifer
  • Ages: 18 - 0

From a lump of clay to finished vessel, all the steps of centering, shaping, trimming, decorating and glazing are covered during the semester. All adults are welcome : from complete novice through more experienced. Beginners concentrate on making, decorating and glazing basic forms both functional or non-functional. Students with previous experience may advance at their own pace, learning more complex forms and glazing techniques.

  • Next Program Starts: 06/13/17
  • Instructor: Hurwitz, Jill
  • Ages: 15 - 0

Learn how to create decorative and functional pieces such as bowls, mugs, vases, trays and sculptures. Try various clay techniques such as pinching, coiling, slab rolling, carving, stamping, screen printing, sgraffito and slip decoration. Create beautiful pieces that will be fired, glazed and ready to take home and enjoy. No experience is necessary!

  • Next Program Starts: 06/14/17
  • Instructor: Hurwitz, Jill
  • Ages: 7 - 10

Small hands have big ideas. Let's build them! We will try throwing on the wheel, learn how to coil and slab build, and combine them for maximum creativity.

  • Next Program Starts: 06/15/17
  • Instructor: Hurwitz, Jill
  • Ages: 11 - 15

For the maturing maker, this class will focus on developing student ideas to create fulfilled objects from clay. Students will learn hand building techniques such as slab, coil and pinching as well as throwing on the wheel to form a repertoire of construction techniques useful throughout the artist's career. Unstructured play and exploration of materials and techniques are highly encouraged!